Sea Ice Prediction Network - South


Coordinating Seasonal Predictions of Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean for 2017-2019.

The SIPN-South Project is driven by the quest to test the ability of current prediction systems to forecast the seasonal evolution of circumpolar and regional Antarctic sea ice conditions.

The project has three objectives:

  1. Provide a focal point for seasonal outlooks of Antarctic sea ice (winter and summer), where the results are exchanged, compared, discussed and put in perspective with those from the Arctic, thanks to interactions with SIPN.
  2. Provide news and information on the state of Antarctic sea ice and point towards recent literature on Antarctic sea ice.
  3. Coordinate a realistic prediction exercise targeting austral summer 2019, in support for the Year Of Polar Prediction (YOPP)’s Special Observing Period that will take place in January-February 2019.


Call for contributions.

The Sea Ice Prediction Network South (SIPN South) is pleased to invite contributors to participate to the second coordinated sea ice prediction experiment in the Southern Ocean (December 2018 through February 2019). Detailed instructions are available here. Good luck, and enjoy!

Previous report.

The final report for February 2018 Antarctic sea ice outlooks is available here. Thank you for all those who contributed. If you are interested in analysing the data yourself it is available at the Github.

  • François Massonnet
  • Phil Reid
  • Jan Lieser
  • Cecilia Bitz
  • John Fyfe
  • Will Hobbs
other participants

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