PhD Student

Merel Goedegebuure


The responses of Southern Ocean predators to environmental change: an ecosystem modelling approach

Merel Goedegebuure’s project looks at improving the representation of Southern Ocean top predators in end-to-end (whole of system) ecosystem models. Through incorporating dynamic energy budget theory with individual based modelling, high tropic level species such as seabirds and marine mammals can be represented in detail. The model focuses on southern elephant seals Mirounga leonina from sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island. The roles which these species play within their ecosystems and the likely changes in ecosystem dynamics and their physical environment mean that they are of particular interest for fisheries management, conservation and monitoring programs. With abundant data available for the southern elephant seals from longitudinal studies, this can consequently, serve as an exemplar model for detailed representations of high trophic level species.


Dr Jessica Melbourne Thomas

Dr Stuart Corney

Prof Mark Hindel


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