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Dr Stuart Corney

Dr Corney has worked for the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre for the past six years. In this time he has worked on two distinct projects within the organisation: the Climate Futures for Tasmania project and his current role as a physical and ecosystem modeler within the Ecosystem Modeling group. Prior to that he spent time at CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Dr Corney’s research interests focus on high-resolution climate modelling and how output from climate models can be best be used to inform changes in areas such as Southern Ocean marine ecosystems, water availability and changes to the likelihood and intensity of extreme events.

Dr Corney was part of the Climate Futures for Tasmania team that in 2012 was awarded the Resilient Australia Award by the Australian Attorney General and is a NCCARF Climate Champion.

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Current Research

In his current position Dr Corney is leading the development of a suite of models that investigate changes to the marine ecosystem of the East Antarctic region of the Southern Ocean. Particular areas of interest include developing a statistical emulator to allow downscaling of physical model output on sea ice to scales that are relevant to biology, development of habitat models for different regions or species and the creation and use of an end-to-end ecosystem model for the region. This whole-of-ecosystem model involves coupling a hydrodynamic ocean model with a food web management model tuned to the Southern Ocean to explore changes to the food web caused by climate change or changes in fisheries practices.

As a climate modeler for the Climate Futures for Tasmania project Dr Corney produced and analysed high-resolution climate model output that provided information on the likely future climate of Tasmania at a level of detail that is beyond what is otherwise available.

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