Physical Oceanographer

Dr Stephanie Downes

Dr Downes started her oceanography research career during her Honours year at UNSW, followed by a PhD in Quantitative Marine Science at University of Tasmania. During her PhD, Dr Downes focused on climate model projections of the ocean circulation associated with the uptake and storage of anthropogenic carbon.

Dr Downes spent her first postdoctoral post at Princeton University diagnosing how different ocean layers interact in climate models. She also used biogeochemical tracers to describe the pathways of a Southern Ocean deep water mass that formed at hydrothermal vents.

Dr Downes later joined the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science at ANU, focusing her research on the latest international multi-model efforts, and co-leading the Southern Ocean evaluation of CORE-II climate models.

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Dr Downes’ research with the ACE CRC aims to identify mixing hot spots across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current region, and to describe how, why and where the water mass layers interact on a regional scale. Dr Downes will be incorporating models and observations to tackle these outstanding science issues.

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