Ecological Statistician

Dr Rowan Trebilco

Dr Trebilco’s research examines the processes that shape marine communities and ecosystems at scales ranging from local assemblages to global biomes, with the goal of informing conservation and management. He is particularly curious about the role that predators play in shaping the structure and function of communities and ecosystems, and has a long-standing interest in the interface between ecological research, decision-making and environmental stewardship. While Dr Trebilco’s work has a quantitative focus, its grounded by several years of fieldwork above and below temperate, tropical, and southern oceans.

Dr Trebilco joined the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre at the end of 2014 as an ecological statistician, after being awarded his PhD in Biology at Simon Fraser University in Canada. He completed an MSc. in Biodiversity Conservation and Management as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford in 2007, and before that, worked as a Seabird Biologist for the Tasmanian state government.

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Current Research

Dr Trebilco’s main focus will be working with national and international collaborators to develop these size-based models to advance understanding of the role played by mesopelagic fish and squid in Southern Ocean ecosystems and to inform the development of indicators for ecological change.

This work feeds directly into ACE CRC project R2.3 on status and trends in ecosystems. Dr Trebilco is also involved with other ongoing work on status and trends with project R2.3.

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