Marine Biogeochemist

Dr Emmanuel Laurenceau-Cornec

Dr Laurenceau-Cornec’s research focuses on the role of planktonic community structure on the efficiency of the biological carbon pump (BCP) in the Southern Ocean. It includes the processes of organic particle production, heir physical and biological aggregation (e.g. ‘marine snow’ or zooplankton fecal pellets), their sinking and remineralisation through the water column and how it affects the export and transfer efficiency of carbon to the deep ocean. His work involves a wide variety of activities including in situ particle imaging and collection in sediment traps (PPS3/3 and polyacrylamide gels), image analysis, field and experimental study of particle physico-chemical properties (volume and size spectra, composition, morphology,sinking velocity, flux, etc.), and also coupled 3-D physical-BGC modelling.

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