Chemical Oceanographer

Dr Christina Schallenberg

Dr Schallenberg is a chemical oceanographer with an interest in the role of micronutrients (trace elements) in global biogeochemical cycles. Her research investigates the sources, speciation and cycling of iron in the ocean, with special emphasis on the respective roles of particles and sea ice in the supply of iron to polar marine ecosystems. This work feeds into the large-scale coupling of the physical, chemical and biological drivers of phytoplankton productivity.

Originally from Germany, Dr Schallenberg finished her MSc in Oceanography at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, in 2003. Her MSc work focussed on optical methods in biological oceanography. She then proceded to live in Canada, working as a science journalist and editor before returning to graduate school at the University of Victoria, Canada, and finishing her PhD in 2015.


Dr Schallenberg will participate in the Kerguelen axis voyage on the Aurora Australis in January 2016 and will be responsible for collecting trace-metal clean samples. These samples will be analyzed in the lab for a suite of trace elements. The data will help scientists better understand the iron supply mechanisms in the area around Banzare Bank in East Antarctica.

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