Dr Carly Tozer

Dr Tozer completed her PhD in hydroclimatology at the University of Newcastle. Herpast research has focused on the identification of global and local-scale atmospheric and oceanic processes, including those stemming from the Southern Ocean, that drive hydroclimatic variability in Australia. Prior to that, Dr Tozer worked as an environmental engineer for Sinclair Knight Merz, after completing my undergraduate engineering degree at the University of Adelaide. Dr Tozer is interested in understanding the true bounds of climate variability in Australia through the use of palaeoclimate data to help improve our understanding of drought and flood risk.

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Dr Tozer’s project involves the development of high resolution climate reconstructions for Australian catchments for the past 2000 years based on ice core data. The project exploits a teleconnection between sea salt variability recorded in ice cores from Law Dome and rainfall variability across eastern Australia, a region which has limited local paleoclimate proxies, to develop catchment-scale millennial-length rainfall and river flow reconstructions. These climate reconstructions are important for water resources management as our current understanding of the range of climate variability in Australia is limited to the instrumental climate record (i.e. usually less than 100 years of data). Relying on these short records means that we do not fully understand the risk of droughts and floods in our catchments which in turn means that our catchment management plans and water infrastructure design are inadequate. Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world and therefore it is critical to extend our existing climate records back in time to better characterise our drought and flood risk. The climate reconstructions are being developed for incorporation into water resources modelling and management to ultimately increase water security and improve the sustainability of critical water supply catchments in Australia.

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