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In May & June 2016, the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems CRC will host a 4-part lecture series at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies building in Hobart.


The sessions are open to science teachers, those involved in science education, and anyone interested in climate science. Each session in the series will include a lecture by a climate scientist, ample question and discussion time, and light refreshments. The lecturers will present their scientific background, an overview of their specific topic, the current state of research, how the Earth’s system relates to us locally, what types of data we use for our climate projections, and evidence of climate change. Most of the data we will present is publicly available and can be viewed at home or in the classroom.

The sessions will include some scientific media content, experiments, and equipment on display. Useful links and lecture slides will be available afterwards online at the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC website. Registration is limited to the 90 people for each session.

The lectures will all be held between 4-6PM at the Aurora Lecture theatre at the IMAS Waterfront Building, 20 Castray Esplanade, Hobart.  Those unable to attend lectures in Hobart can participate remotely by video streaming; please indicate your preference on the registration form below and organisers will be in contact with details.

To register for any or all of the sessions, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

For all enquiries please contact Stephanie Downes.


square-nathan-bindoff-clr-1PART 1: “How we know the climate is changing & the role of humans

Prof. Nathan Bindoff                     (UTas, ACE CRC, CSIRO)

Nathan will talk about how the ocean, atmosphere, ice and land are inter-connected, and major climate change trends (e.g., global warming, sea level rise, increasing CO2). He’ll discuss how humans are related to these climate trends, and how scientific research is translated to policy & decision makers.

MONDAY MAY 16TH 2016, 4-6PM

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PART 2: “The global carbon cycle: changes and impacts

Dr Andrew Lenton (CSIRO)

Andrew will discuss the importance of carbon in the ocean and atmosphere, and how rising carbon (and government carbon targets) affects our lives locally and globally. He will also give an overview of how carbon changes have radically impacted marine species since the start of the industrial era.

MONDAY MAY 23RD 2016, 4-6PM

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PART 3: “Observing and modeling the ocean and atmosphere”

Dr Stephanie Downes (ACE CRC)

Stephanie’s talk will focus on how scientists collect ocean and atmosphere data for exploring the current climate, what it was like in the past, and how we use the data to make climate model projections.

MONDAY MAY 30TH 2016, 4-6PM

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PART 4: “Reconstructing our climate history from ice cores”

Dr Mark Curran (Australian Antarctic Division; ACE CRC)

Mark will give an overview of why the polar regions are important for the understanding the natural cycles of the Earth. He’ll give first-hand experience on acquiring ice cores, and explain what these polar records tell us about the past and present climates for the whole globe.


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