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The ACE CRC is Australia s longest continually-funded Cooperative Research Centre. Through ACE’s unique collaborations it has been able to undertake cross disciplinary research to integrate knowledge from many different fields of science to better understand the Antarctic’s profound influence on the globe and Australia.

logo-crc-programmeOver almost two decades ACE has studied and described the physical, chemical and biological properties of the Southern Ocean and recorded changes in these properties; investigated the nature of the Antarctic ice sheet and Antarctica’s surrounding sea ice and recreated detailed historic climate records from high resolution ice cores; recorded changes in the acidity of the Southern Ocean and impacts on ocean life; described and modelled sea-level rise to better understand its impacts on the globe and Australia; and conducted research on ecosystems and the impacts of potential climate change on Antarctic marine life.

To complement its focus on excellent research, the ACE CRC has produced a series of plain language policy documents which highlight significant aspects of climate change science; developed a web-based decision-support tool for understanding the implications of sea-level rise for coastal infrastructure; conducted briefing sessions for policymakers; and provided vocational training courses. These initiatives have helped maximise the understanding and uptake of the CRC’s research.

The ACE CRC was originally established in 1991 as the ‘CRC for the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Environment’.  It was refunded in 1997 as the ‘CRC for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean’, and in 2003 and 2010 as the ‘Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC’.

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