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Dr Tas van Ommen

Dr van Ommen is a Glaciologist interested in the area of ice core palaeoclimate, and associated glaciological studies.

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Dr Andrew Constable

Dr Constable is a quantitative marine ecologist using science to assist in ecosystem-based management of fisheries, conservation of biodiversity (incl. marine protected areas) and human implications of long-term dynamics and change in marine ecosystems.

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Dr Steve Rintoul

Dr Stephen Rintoul is a physical oceanographer and climate scientist with a long-standing interest in the Southern Ocean and its role in the earth system.

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Prof Tom Trull

Professor Trull's expertise is in chemical oceanography and marine biogeochemistry, in particular the use of chemical and isotopic measurements to trace material flows through microbial foodwebs.

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Project Leaders

Dr Mark Curran

Dr Curran leads the Hobart ice core group and has been involved in numerous research trips drilling ice cores in both Antarctica and Greenland.

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Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas

Dr Melbourne-Thomas’ research focuses on the development of ecological models to facilitate strategic studies of ecosystem dynamics and methods for achieving conservation and sustainable utilisation of marine biota, including taking account of the impacts of climate change.

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Prof Philip Boyd

Prof Boyd’s research from his PhD onwards has been characterised by transdisciplinary projects that strive to bring together often disparate disciplines to better understand a wide range of inextricably linked ocean processes.

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Dr Ben Galton Fenzi

Dr Ben Galton-Fenzi is interested in the processes governing the interaction between the Earth's ice sheets, the oceans and other parts of the geophysical system.

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Dr Sue Cook

Dr. Cook's main research interest is the calving of icebergs, and its impact on wider glacier dynamics, investigated by the numerical modeling of ice flow.

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Dr Stuart Corney

Dr Corney is a Physical and Ecosystem Modeller interested in high-resolution climate modelling and how output from climate models can be best be used to inform changes in areas such as Southern Ocean marine ecosystems, water availability and changes to the likelihood and intensity of extreme events.

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Dr Julia Jabour

Dr Jabour is a member of the Ocean & Antarctic Governance Research Program at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania. Dr Jabour has been researching, writing and lecturing on polar governance for 20 years.

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Dr Rowan Trebilco

Dr Trebilco's research examines the processes that shape marine communities and ecosystems at scales ranging from local assemblages to global biomes, with the goal of informing conservation and management.

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Prof Tony Worby

Professor Worby is the Chief Executive Officer for the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre.

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Mr Mark Kelleher

Mark Kelleher is the Deputy CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC.

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